Family Profile Application

Before you complete this form, Mastino Rescue, Inc. would like to share the following restrictions:

At this time, we are unable to foster and/or adopt to the following:

- Homes with children under the age of 10 (due to our liability insurance policy).

- Families that are renting their residence ("moving and unable to keep" and "landlord restrictions" are in the top 5 reasons for surrendering a dog).

- Homes with intact adult dogs (without a veterinary waiver). We do make exceptions for AKC show dogs, and for dogs that are currently too young to safely spay/neuter without risking future health issues.

- Homes with mastiffs or bully breeds that are the same gender as the desired dog (same sex aggression is extremely common for Neapolitan mastiffs).

- Homes that rely upon underground electric fence for containment (such fences do not keep people and other animals OUT, and the stoic Neapolitan does not respect such fences).

Mastino Rescue, Inc. performs home visits before any Neo is placed in your home.

Please inform your vet reference and personal references that a Mastino Rescue, Inc. representative will be calling as not being permitted to obtain information will delay your Family Profile Process.

Please provide complete, and accurate answers to all questions. This will help us to more efficiently process your application. 

Mastino Rescue, Inc. is not responsible for unauthorized use of the evaluation form. Use this form at your own risk.